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Michael Venker

3 Ways to Grow Your Business via IG Stories:

While some trends are considered fads, Instagram and ‘stories’ are here to stay. Mark Zukerberg recently stated “stories might as well replace news feed,” in terms of the direction that Facebook is headed in 2021. Instagram, the market leader in social media is headed in the same direction.

Stories are snapshots of videos, photos, and clips that can be posted daily to interact with your followers. You can include music, create polls, add questions, and allow for your users to comment via dms for further interaction. The possibilities are endless!

Additionally, Instagram and Facebook allow you to view who, and how many people view your story, a feature exclusive to stories, making it a game changer for online marketing. As a budding business, it is crucial to see if your competitors are watching your content. Stories also let you have a tangible daily view on how many users you are reaching. This allows you to further be able to concretely understand if you are growing or plummeting in popularity. In order for your business to achieve a successful Instagram story follow these steps that other businesses use for the highest engagement with their consumers.

1. Promote Your Content

Social media is one big promotional tool, so why not use it as a backlink to your website or blog. Allow your users to be redirected to the content you want them to see, to help them become loyal customers and recognize and resonate with your brand. Let’s say you have a new blog post, or a new employee who’s just joined the team. That employee might not be recognized if you do not post on your story, because a user may not yet know of your website and your brand. Instagram stories allow for the new generation of users, who will have the biggest impact on your brand growth, grow with you.

2. Get Feedback via Polls & Question Stickers.

In the ‘olden days’ receiving consumer feedback was only possible via outside sources such as Yelp and Tripadvisor. Now, Instagram stories allow your business to receive consumer feedback everyday via polls, and questions. With polls you can post a product or service and ask your users what they prefer. Whether it’s changing a color palette or a package redesign, you can create the poll however you would like. From there your users rate which one they prefer. This allows for effective target marketing, and essentially conducting a focus group for free. Questions allow your business to keep up with the times. With movements like BLM and women’s rights being brought to light, stronger than ever in 2021, your users want to know that you are staying engaged with what’s going on in the world. Your business should be empathetic, informed and socially responsible. Doing so will build brand loyalty, and ultimately, respect from your users. Additionally, questions can be conducted to ask consumers their daily habits, patterns, and preferences. Businesses know more than anyone how important it is to get to know their target market and demographic. Since Gen x and Millennials are the sole drivers of Instagram, and are the trailblazers for growing brands, it is crucial to be aware of how they lead their lives. This allows you to better understand, and gain, them as your consumers.

3. Utilize Your Bio:

Your bio lives on your Instagram page right under your icon photo. Your bio allows people who interact with your page to have quick access to links for engaging content outside of your social media profile. Businesses use this to link to their shop page, website, or blog; essentially this is a call to action feature for your business. The algorithm of Instagram, rewards you for achieving a following. If you have more than 10k followers you can include a ‘swipe up’ link in your instagram story. This is the easiest way to inspire a call to action from your users.

In today’s world it is simply not enough to post a photo on social media and expect high turnover in content sharing to grow your brand’s social presence. Users want to feel seen, understood, and interacted with. This may sound like foreign territory for web developers and web builders, who produce content to be seen and interacted with, but only on the scope of the actual page, and potentially a contact page, thereafter. Social media is entirely its own monster, and I use the word monster because it is a fierce force to be conquered. However, once a strong social media presence is achieved for your business, your website can reach new heights. Allow Instagram, the social media experience that is the wave of the future, and the t story feature, to be a main driving force for social expansion of your business.

As always, Yellow Lion Media is here to help you grow your business. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, send us an email at info@yellowlionmedia.com
Can’t wait to hear from you!

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