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Michael Venker

3 Ways to Improve SEO on Your Website


You probably know that Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, should be a vital part of your marketing strategy, but knowing what’s important or where to get started can be overwhelming. Improving SEO on your website enables your website to rank higher in Google search results, thus increasing traffic to your website and growing your business. There is a multitude of information out there about things you should be doing to improve SEO. But, let’s focus on three simple ways you can improve the SEO on your website so that you can start ranking higher and getting results.

1. Maximize Keyword Usage

Did you know that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine? When users head to search engines to start their online experience, they type in keywords to help them find what they are looking for. This is why it is vital for your business to know exactly what your ideal client is looking for, and then to write about that information on your website. So that when they search for those keywords, your website will show up… a lot! Below are a few ways you can maximize keyword usage on your website:

  • Naturally sprinkled throughout the content on all pages.
  • In headings and subheadings of every page
  • In meta descriptions
  • In alt tags on photos
  • Writing high-quality blog posts

If you carefully implement each of the above activities, your website is sure to rank higher and see an increase in traffic.

2. Improve User Experience

Ensuring a quick and easy experience is another way to increase rankings on your website. In fact, conversion rates fall by 12% for every extra second it takes for your website to load. Additionally, the average user is only going to stay on your website for about 15 seconds or less, so you want to be sure that they can easily find exactly what they are looking for immediately. There are a few key elements to a great user experience that every website should utilize:

  • A quick load time
  • Plenty of calls to action in easy to find places
  • A simple and clean layout that isn’t overwhelming
  • Content that utilizes a layout that is easy to quickly scan

3. Use Infographics

It may seem counterintuitive because Google doesn’t ‘read’ text on an image as it does on a web page, but infographics are still a great way to boost your SEO rankings. First, infographics are a lot easier for people to scan and read information. So if you create a graphic about an interesting and highly searched topic, your users are going to be more likely to click on a headline that includes the word ‘infographic.’ Secondly, other people love sharing, reblogging, and linking back to infographics. These backlinks are another vital part of SEO. When Google sees that other websites link back to yours, you begin to rank higher.

Need Help Improving SEO on Your Website?

Maintaining SEO on your website can be time-consuming for business owners. That’s why Yellow Lion Media is here for you. If you have questions about how we can help your website rank higher, please schedule a consultation today.

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