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Michael Venker

5 Suggestions to Creating a Killer Logo

Creating concepts for brands and companies is one of the main reasons why I got involved in web design. A website is essential to giving current and potential clients a look into a businesses vision, point of view, product and philosophy.

The first thing they will see are the companies logo and branding icons. Their design will implicate the tone of the company, the type of customer they wish to attract, and the product or service they are offering.

Take for example Target and Bloomingdale’s.


Bloomingdale’s is using a custom font inspired likely by the Bauhaus fonts, using sleek, thin, lines, while Target is using a thicker, clunkier font like a Gotham Bold. The spacing of the letters on Bloomingdales is done with a clever touch while the Target logo spacing is more straight forward, and pedestrian.

These details imply what kind of customer they are seeking and what kind of company they are.

So here are the 5 tips to creating a great logo!

1. Know Your Customer – This will inform you on the color palette, font, and overall design. If you want a 5th avenue customer, don’t make your logo look like a lemonade stand.

2. Keep it Simple – With logos, less is more. Think of how the logo will look on business cards, letter heads, and other products that differ in scale.

3. Two Colors MAX – I prefer using one color, but sometimes two colors are fine. If you start going crazy with colors it can look cartoony and also poorly translate in black and white. Of course there are exceptions, but to start out with a duo tone color palette.

4. Pick a Legible Font – Try to avoid fancy looking scripts that make reading the logo at first glance difficult. You want the viewer to look at the logo and immediately be able to read the name of the company.

5. Icons Should Be Simple – Our company name is “Yellow Lion Media” and our icon for our business is a lion. Rather than going into a fine art route for the lion icon, its best to use simple shapes that illustrate a lion. Simple icons read as more sophisticated and customized.

Hope this helps and would love to see your logos!


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