Michael Venker
Michael Venker

Current Trends in Web Marketing 2021

From 3D displays to animation to interactive abstract art, nowadays, businesses need more than just a website. Your consumers need a platform that speaks to them, inspires change, forms communities, is aesthetically pleasing, and functional. At Yellow Lion, we provide you a website that can do just that. However, to help us help you, here are some guidelines on where the web marketing industry is going so you can stay on top of the trends, and build a website that stands out against your competitors in 2021.

1. Parallax Animation

Remember the Imax craze in the 90’s? Think of that, but applied to your website. Web animation has become so advanced that the page moves with you so simultaneously it’s like watching an Imax movie. With the separation of page elements, into foreground and background screens, the animation pops out at you. You can lose those flimsy Imax glasses, and switch up your website with Parallax Animation.

2. Neumorphism

There is no debating that Apple shaped the simplicity trend in the tech world today. However, in 2021 web developers are taking simplicity and minimalist design to the next level. Users are looking for simplicity, but in a more interactive way. Essentially, developers are taking simple abstract icons and making them appear more 3D, with techniques like digital embossing or de-bossing. Think about the Hallmark card you purchased at CVS last year for your best friend. Remember how some of the words were raised for stylistic emphasis? Think about applying this in the digital world. A 3D effect on a simple design allows the user to feel the modern elements of your design, but with a realistic feel.

3. Abstract Art compositions

In 2021, we will be throwing the bland ‘employee page’ out the window. In times of stress and strain and deprived of human contact in 2020, consumers are turning to art in 2021 for comfort and inspiration. Our websites are an extension of the times we are living in. Users are looking for a page that inspires them with color, abstract shapes, and beautiful design; like an art gallery for your business. Employee contact pages with simple photos are now decorated with a stream of colorful backgrounds, turning the web-marketing world into one big Sonia Delaney painting, and we’re not mad at it. Allow your business to explore the abstract art space with consuming color palettes and impressionable design, for a website your users will remember, even after logging off.

4. Scrolling Transformations

I want you to think back to your days at school. Remember when you were giving a PowerPoint presentation and you used a cool transition when switching slides having them seamlessly moving when changing from slide to slide? Now, I want you to remember how it made you feel, like you had a leg up on your fellow colleagues right? It was as if your presentation stood out because it had this interactive flare. Now, web developers are taking this idea, and magnifying it to all websites. Scrolling transformations, are the simplest form of activity on a website, when a user scrolls over the page, the thing that they are touching moves ever so slightly, which lures the user in, and provides a modern feel. We’ve seen more and more this sense of interactive websites, and it has given users that same feeling we got in grade school during our Powerpoint presentations; like they are standing out against the grain because of this interaction between person and media.

At Yellow Lion Media, we implement all of these trends to help bring your website to life. We encourage all of our clients to stay up to date with the trends to better drive and explore their desires for interactivity, color scheme, and design in 2021. Trends are meant to be followed, so take note, and let us do the rest!

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