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Do you want to create a brand or business but don’t have the funds to hire a team to create a website, logo, or photograph images for you? For the first timers out there I have some great resources for you that can help aid your business creation!

WEBSITE: Wix.com

I use Wix because it’s free until you decide to upgrade. Free is a lovely price for anyone who wants to tinker around with web development either for yourself or for business. It requires no coding and has a drag and drop editor that kind of reminds me of Powerpoint.

GRAPHICS: Vecteezy.com

This is amazing to use for free vector images that you can edit yourself and then download into working files or pngs. I love taking some existing vector images and then make my own changes in Illustrator.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Unsplash.com

This has high resolution, gorgeous photos that are royalty-free (unless they specify otherwise). They have a Pinterest like quality that I absolutely love and avoids that classic stock photo look.

COLOR THEORY: Mycolor.space

This is a fantastic website to play with colors, complimentary palettes and gradients. I use this to help with brochures, websites, and branding guidelines.

I hope this helps out on your journey to success! Great luck everyone 🙂

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