Michael Venker
Michael Venker

Is your Startup really Starting Up?

Whether you’re a fintech company, a fashion brand or a brand new startup, technology and website differentiation is the wave of the future. With people confined in their homes during the pandemic businesses are turning to online outlets, now more than ever. Previously, it was the person to person shopping transaction that inspired customer loyalty and a profound customer experience. But, what happens when that customer experience is removed from the equation entirely? We are left with a digital world that needs to pick up the slack and inspire a transaction, through a screen.

In 2021, let us stop viewing this screen as a barrier of physical limitation, and start viewing it as an opportunity! Here at Yellow Lion Media, we are experts in the digital world, we are inspired by color palette and exquisite design, but we are equally inspired by practical consumer touch points, engaging strategy and a strong user experience. Here are some tips we recommend to ensure your startup grows with the times, instead getting left behind.

Local SEO > Traditional SEO

SEO, otherwise known as, Search Engine Optimization an organic search method that businesses use to target their consumers via search engines like Google and Yahoo. When a customer searches for a specific keyword, Google filters various responses for the appropriate business that match the keywords indicated. Keywords can live in the code of the website, in the product images and even the html. bots that live within Google then scans the website to find these keywords, to allow for your business to appear on searches. However, the trend we have noticed in 2020 and 2021, is that Local SEO has become imperative in search engine history. This means, customers are typing, ‘X service near me” indicating that they would like the business or service they are inquiring about to be localized. This would only make sense, as the pandemic has led to consumers staying as close to their homes as possible for safety precautions. If you’re looking to reach more customers, consider applying the words ‘near me’ to your keyword bank, to allow for maximum reach in 2021. Infact, it is said that “97% of people learn more about local companies online than anywhere else.” so if you want to connect with that local business, make sure you implement localized keywords and list your business in your local directory.

Use Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant

You know that little voice inside your phone that pops up to say hello every now and then? You can use her to call your grandma in Florida, you can use her to text your girlfriend when you’re out running errands, and now you can use her to expand your business. Infact, “over 50% of respondents used voice assistance for online searches”. Oftentimes, to expand a successful startup, we need to put ourselves in the mind of the consumer. With consumers busy schedules, voice initiation is the way of the future, and typing text search is a thing of the past! Utilize voice assistants for your business so that 50% of the consumer base can reach you, because type text ordering is now saved for your grandma in Florida.

Shoppable Social Media Posts

Remember the early 2000’s? Drinking a Starbucks vanilla frappuccino through the mall? Trying on those wretched sequined outfits that are still haunting the back of your closet today? Now think of this concept, turned digital. Instagram, the social media app that fully allows you to immerse yourself in constant content and connect with friends, is the new digital wave of shopping. Instagram ads are targeted directly to a demographic, and now implement an entire checkout process, without even leaving the app. Allow your business a seamless conversion rate, by implementing social media shopping to capture the millennial demographic that is the foundation of expansion for startup growth in 2021.

So don’t just start up your business, like we like to say at Yellow Lion Media, grow big or go home. With these digital advancements in your startup, you’ll be sure to hit the ground running in 2021. With Local SEO, Voice Assistance and Shoppable social media, your startup will thrive in the new age of customer experience, engaging through every touch point, for a seamless expansion in 2021. Good luck! YLM

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