Michael Venker
Michael Venker

Knowing Your Brand


When we begin working with first-time entrepreneurial clients at the infancy of their business, we start by asking them an array of questions: Who is your customer? Where else does your customer shop? What other services do they need / require? Who are your competitors?

Knowing these answers will inform you on the direction of your brand. It will give it depth and advise color direction, font selection, website functionality, call to action, and other essential elements to the face of your business.

I always encourage my clients to go to www.pinterest.com and create a mood board and then search for different website layouts and brand designs.

Someone came into our offices yesterday and was interested in doing a website for their Air BnB business. She still was fuzzy on the details of her brand and the direction of the website so we went to Pinterest and searched “hotel websites”. She found a layout she liked and started thinking about different functions she wanted on the website. This then inspired her to research fonts, color stories, and other layouts from competitor websites.

I suggest creating a folder full of images, fonts, and a written customer profile that will help sharpen your vision and create a brand that is well researched and has your finger prints.

Below are links I use when I work with my clients:








Creating a brand should be a good time, so enjoy your creative journey!

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