We pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction. We commit ourselves fully to getting the job done and exceeding the expectations of our clients. We invest fully in their success.

Chelsea Donahue

"Working with Yellow Lion Media was a pleasure. They were friendly and super responsive to all my questions, and made the process of building a new website really simple"

"Michael delivered a very polished and professional website for my company. He listened to my ideas and added his own vision to create an excellent product. I highly recommend talking with him about developing or revising your website."

"At the core of any company is how you communicate who you are and what you do. Your website is usually the first experience people have with your company. Yellow Lion Media gave us exactly what we needed - a major online overhaul! Their service was fast, reliable, professional and has given me pride in our companies mission. They took my vision and made it a beautiful reality."

Justin Mabardi

"Yellow Lion Media designed my professional website for me. The thing I appreciate most about Michael's work style is that he approaches his work with a creative eye, while receiving all sorts of input and notes. He was able to hear what I wanted and transform it into a clean and smart design. For me, that's the kind of professional you want to work with."

"Yellow Lion Media is the most detail oriented, responsible, team that I've ever worked with. Louis is super great at his job, he basically built my websites and have improved them over and over, plus he give me suggestions that in the end I have made my business look so much more professional. it's so good having someone who's there for you when it seems like you are all alone. I really feel like I can count on him when I'm in a bind."

Scott Siler

"Working with Yellow Lion Media was a great experience. Michael was professional, a good listener, highly responsive and helped communicate the vision of our business into our website. His rates were more than fair and I would highly recommend his services to those wanting to expand their business, increase sales and rejuvenate their site."

"Yellow Lion Media was a true pleasure to work with. Michael was focused, professional and really cared about the success of my business. He even came to my apartment for every meeting and scheduled all visits at my convenience. I would highly recommend them for businesses both new and old; seeing that they have passion, vision, and integrity."

Andrea Ferreira

"Working withYellow Lion Media was a true pleasure. I came in with a tight budget as I am an entrepreneur, Michael was available whenever I needed him, asked all the necessary questions about my business and the goals of the website then delivered exactly what I had envisioned. He also advised me on SEO and helped get my business seen on google. He really cared about my work and mostly about me. He took great pride in building my site. Michael has this beautiful energy and is always happy so it was quite easy to be around him and explain what message I wanted to convey with my site. I highly recommend him. You won't be disappointed."

Richard Weinstock

"I first met Yellow Lion Media at the Wix lounge in NYC. I needed to redo my website and was thrilled that Wix actually had a brick and mortar place that I could ask questions about their product. Michael looked at my old site and immediately came up with ideas and suggestions how we could make the transition. He made the task, that I had been putting off for several years, effortless and has a real talent for working with people. He did all the work and only needed my design input and approvals. He did a fabulous job and I've gotten dozens of complements. I'm not very computer savvy and Michael held my hand through the whole process including showing me how to maintain the site after if was completed. I would recommend Michael to anyone who needs a website designed or even updated. He has skills."

Shakarah Dean

"Working with Yellow Lion was an absolute pleasure! We laughed so much and it helped relieve all the "professionalism pressure". Michael was able to listen to my ideas and help create my vision! I went from having a site that I was ashamed of, to having a site that I raved about.

If you haven't worked with Michael Venker you are missing out! He's smart, funny, and gets the job done! Michael was able to listen to my ideas and help create my vision. I went from having a site that I was ashamed of, to having a site that I raved about."

Kathy Meehan

"I did my first website on my own with WIX and I really liked it. After a couple of years I realized that the site was not as sophisticated or modern as I wanted it to be. I reached out to Yellow Lion and in about two weeks I had a beautiful and modern website. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and take if from me, someone who has been coaching and teaching emotional intelligence and neuro-leadership for over ten years, Michael has excellent customer service skills! I highly recommend him"

Samantha Clarke

"I met Yellow Lion Media at the WIX Lounge or a website consultation session. We discussed the objectives of my site and what features would and would compliment the overall goals I wanted to achieve. I wanted a site that showcased what I had to offer my clients. Michael understood what I wanted and Michael delivered!! From layout to functionality, Michael delivered the design that I had in my mind in a website. Working with him was the best part. Every meeting I had something spectacular to look forward to- and some great conversation as well. He was always available via phone or email with any questions or concerns that I had- and I had many questions which Michael always answered with the patience and experience that alleviated my concerns. I was always confident that his artistic direction and creative risks would produce an amazing result. Not only did I meet a developer with superior skill and professionalism, I made a life long friend."