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Pliops XDP

  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Development
  • User Testing & Research
  • Digital Branding

The Problem at Hand

Creating powerfully simple solutions for a data processing hardware product.

Pliops came to us with a heavy, circuitous site. The team had just completed a brand new website project, but were not happy with the results. The site did not exemplify Pliops’ cutting edge product and did not convert users.

The Big Idea

To succinctly showcase the value of Pliops with their latest branding.

Rather than redesign every page, we assessed the overall navigation, application of visual brand guidelines, and information architecture on key pages to optimize the user journey.

How We Did It

We dug deep through interviews and immersion.

Working within the existing brand guidelines and asset library, we refreshed the presentation of information with gradients, crisp lines and graphics, and more color. We also leveraged our knowledge of the technical engineer user to place solution-oriented calls-to-action and use cases at the top of the page.

Our Result

We gave Pliops the ability to deliver their message simply.

By highlighting the product and its powerful solutions at the forefront supported by modernized design, both highly technical users and laypersons can more easily understand the role of Pliops XDP in their digital storage infrastructure.

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