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  • Design Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Development
  • App Design
  • Marketing Design & Strategy
  • User Testing & Research

The Problem At Hand

Develop branding, marketing and a website for the latest Southern Bancorp Bank app, WALT.

WALT is a financial literacy app meant to serve underbanked communities as young people ranging from 18-25 years old. SBB needed a team to brand and market the app.

The Big Idea

Create a brand and product that showcases the fun in financial education.

We met with the SBB team and created and illustrated a series of characters to go with the WALT brand. We created their mascot, a dancing turtle, to indicate that slow and steady progress will seize the day.

How We Did It

Competitive research and UX/UI best practices

We honed in on what was happening in the creative landscape of apps at large. This allowed us to create memorable characters within the WALT universe. It also allowed us to form messaging for the website and ad campaigns.

What We Gave

A full brand and product experience.

After completing their brand guidelines we created wireframes for the app, their website, marketing strategy and creative for their ad campaigns.

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